This is my cycle

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Shoot, wonder save, shoot, wonder save, shoot, miss 5 yards out, shoot, cross bar, shoot, post, shoot, wonder save,
Opposition, 1 shot, goal.

Or manual tackle, fail, manual tackle, fail, manual tackle, fail, manual tackle, success but bounce straight to oppo,

Opposition, no tackle run right through the back of my player, no foul. Repeat X 12

I have zero luck in this game. On average I am 15/18 tackles a game with opo keeper making 12/15 saves.
Versus 1/3 saves from my keeper and 1/2 tackles by oppo

I know I am fundamentally playing the game wrong by manual tackling and not abusing **** skills and fake shots but come on EA, give me something.


  • Crysister
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    They gave you this...The Equalizer!!

    When you are 5-0 ahead on WL, this guy kicks in and you'll soon be 5-5...
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