Sell TOTW CR7 and get futties Richarlison/Pogba?

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Team above. Considering selling CR7 for 1.5mil and doing Richarlison and Pogba futties. Thoughts?

I don’t find totw CR7 to be that game changing, and can’t afford toty/tots.


  • illinifan
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    Yeah I’m wondering the same thing. CR7 is clinical but just feels so stiff and slow compared to all the TOTS defenders at this point. Richarlison looks better on paper but I haven’t seen anyone compare the two yet.
  • Retro_G
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    Just buy the nif CR7. I wouldn't bother with Richarlison, he won't be as good as Dinho. I presume you're going to play Pogba at CDM, but can't see him being as good as Vieira, unless EA boosts his defensive stats by a huge amount.
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