Lost connection to opponent all opponent every time!!!

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I haven't played since tots ended and wanted to play a few games then every single game i get connection lost to opponent.

I match up and get 5 latency bars, and sometimes on kick off i intentionally pause and wait out and also wait out on the kick off but the connection lost only happens like 5 seconds of kick off no matter what i do. Doesn't happen during lobby or during pause only immediately after kickoff

Is there some no loss glitch or something??


  • RileyD
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    The exact same has been happening to me recently and I have no idea why. 5 bar internet as well. Everything else in my condo is working fine regarding the internet.

    I thought it could be a loss glitch too but it once happened to me got 12 games in a row before I gave up.
    It's been happening on and off like this for around 3 weeks for me, what's changed?
  • RileyD
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    Its getting ridiculous now, I can't play the game!
  • Insan0
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    I had this happening bought a brand new nighthawk rauter problem solve
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