thank you for the "GREAT GAMEPLAY"( the gameplay is trash)

thanks ea thanks for being such pathetic animals you have shown me that you dont care about my opinion or anyone else's opinion this video link here is proof that ea sports hates regular players like me and dont wanna let lower skill players like me advance in higher devisions because they are afraid that in good gameplay conditions regular players can beat pro players like i did in my previous video thank you ea thank you for letting me enjoy fifa 19 make fifa 20 the same i garantee that most people will abondon it in the first mounth of the game and will begin playing PES
(this video link here is the proof of the pathetic gameplay ea sports offer to players with RTG teams) ones again thank you ea thank from the bottom of my heart for being such heartless animals and heartless monsters and i would like to thank ea sports for the pathetic support they offered me i wrote to them live chats time and time again and recieved absoulutly nothing and on the topof that the gameplay in the latest update is even worse than before thank you ones again


  • Rossi1000
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    So you buying fifa20 or ...
  • Mayby i will i havent decided yet if watched the video you will understand what i mean Rossi1000
    of course that is if you arent from germany
    That means you cant understnad watch my previous video from the channel i have beaten wayyyyy better player than that one and i won without consieding a goal
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