Simulations are fixed

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I didn’t want to play a game so I simmed it, lost 5-0 called bs so summed it again and again. Never won so I got curious. Currently been sat here for 15 minutes constantly simming it I’m on time 35, still have yet to win. Best result was a 1-1 tie I got about 5 or 6 times. Don’t tell me it isn’t fixed. PS it isn’t some crazy good team it’s Bundesliga 2 and they’re 2 ahead of me in the table.


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    I actually do this a lot. But not with the team I'm playing but instead to 'help' other teams out. For example if I'm playing with Liverpool and want a tight title race as in real life, I will help Man City out. Lot of the simmed results are unrealistic like for example Man City will lose to Fulham or Huddersfield.
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    Yup they need to bring back the OLD visual SIM, was so much better and detailed.
  • Being the away team influences the result far too heavily. That is why in whatever league I am doing in Europe's top 5, the best teams never have realistic points tally.
  • For example I just did a Cardiff City prem career. The top 2 finished with 74 points and 70. Liverpool won the league and only won 20 games, they drew 14 games!! Obviously all bar 2 of their games were summer in the career and because they were away they drew most of the away fixtures.
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