Through ball help please

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Missing out on clear chances on goal as my through balls going to the wrong player.

I'm running down the wing with RB on my tale I have striker in the middle being chased down I have my left winger running on goal all by himself how on god's earth do I through ball to my left winger.they keep going down the middle to my striker to lose the ball.i aim to winger but goes down the middle.thanks


  • Dochter
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    You'd probably have more success with the low driven cross. A bit more useful imo but pretty random nonetheless.
  • humping_klown
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    yeah through ball from out wide is awful . usually goes straight to the keeper or straight out of play .
  • Mrmad1980
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    Through ball anywhere in tha attacking 3rd is generally shocking. It can’t even be due to assisted passing cos half the time the through ball goes into a space to nobody.
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