Moments Socrates vs Prime Gullit

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I usually don’t post these kind of threads, but I currently have moments Socrates and have played over 650 games with him at CAM. Was wondering if I should trade him in into the Gullit SBC and have him as my new CAM. Has anyone tried both?


  • cartyHUNTER
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    Don’t you dare trade in pim Socrates you sick human being. I feel ill that you even asked this question. You owe the forum an apology and yourself a long look in the mirror.
  • ppeetteerr11
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    Loooool I was just tryna freshen up my team :(. @cartyHUNTER
  • Delboy13710
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    I have Gullit hes amazing at CAM or attacking CM for me you can buy an icon or do Moore for cheap .
    Think of it this way would you buy Socrates for 320k of the market
  • Galayn
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    I have PIM Socrates and Mid Gullit, I like Socrates but Gullit is miles better - and that's in any position
  • Team Sam
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    Definitely do Gullit, but just buy a cheap icon. Don't waste an expensive PIM
  • Batman442
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    I wouldn't trade in pim Socrates for gullit. While gullit is a beast Socrates is too good imo. Why not play them together, I play both of the as cm in a 41212(2) and I feel they compliment each other brilliantly
  • RayS
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    There's a reason Gullit is in all the pro squads and PIM Socrates isn't
  • futaddict79
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    I submitted Socrates for Gullitt, never looked back, he didn't fit my team then and wouldn't now
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