worst WL in terms of lag

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the delay is so bad, I can't even describe it. its the same for my opponent as I see him struggling to dribble just like me. heavy first touches, rebounds, players moving like trucks...

Anyone else?


  • Muzza11
    8249 posts League Winner
    Why are you surprised lol? It’s s given every WL.
  • tworaf
    215 posts Sunday League Hero
    last weekendeague was actually great. I think they rolled back all the changes made to net code.
  • SuperRob
    1407 posts Professional
    EA do a great job of improving every weekend league. Unfortunately it is delay and lag they improve but at least its something. They will then release more pitch notes saying how they have the worlds best technicians working on a fix when they are actually all sitting round a table having a beer and a laugh at the poor fifa players expense. @EA_Andy will then come on and say how our feedback has been passed on to the relevant team which will result in another round or beer and jokes at EA.

    Eventually someone at EA will think it would be a great idea to say they have improved connection on fifa 20 and get a promotion, because by the time everyone realises that nothing has changed they will already have taken everybody’s money and it will be time for the new promo packs.
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