FIFA 20 Online Server Issue

Hello everyone, FIFA 20 is coming with many good features for every section fut, pro clubs, online seasons. One thing is really matter all this features will be insignificant if the online servers issue will still be there. Many features are connected with online connection. In the first 2-3 months of fut champs, gameplay feels slow because many peoples are connected to the server and server may be hitting max capacity. Having lag, button delay, match DC are one the worst enemies of online games. On the other hand after 6-7 months, games feel natural speed because many players are gone. We need a better server for FIFA 20. Also there is no news about this main issue.

It's need to make sure that we will never face again any lag, button delay, DC for FIFA 20. If they need a maintenance for a certain time they can message us.

Please give us good game to play and enjoy ourselves.

#Make the online servers be the best.


  • Seriously, today the gameplay was so bad. I am based in India and I keep facing Oil and Camel FC's who somehow have such a massive connection advantage. I conceded 1 penalty in almost every single game because my defenders are reacting after 1 second. All of this until I completely lost it when I conceded 3 penalties in 1 game. My screen was literally stalling after every 10 seconds. I have now uninstalled Fifa 19 and I feel really good about it. I have no intention to install it again. I really regret pre ordering Fifa 20 because I know it will be the same story and I cant even get a refund. EA are the biggest traitors and scammers to the Fifa Community in India and to every other geographic region that faces severe connection disadvantage. I really hope another good game comes out which is fair towards all the players. They will loose Fifa just like they lost NBA.

    I had also reached out the the help centre, he asked me to perform a trace, and it ended up at some location all the way in USA. When I asked the support guy, he was like I'm not very technical I am just a sales person.

    I hope the CEO or who ever is in charge of the finances of FUT reads this: You won. You are nothing but a white collar thief. I feel robbed. I hope that your kids and family suffer the the same fate that you entice to the Fifa buyers.
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