wow the celebration & replay watchers are

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out in force today

even after I skip when I score the first goal



  • Mmandras
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    I know why they are doing it.

    It's because twitch and youtube. Famous influencers are 100% responsible. They watch every replay.

    Kids don't get that they are not doing it to annoy opponent, but to make a video more interesting.

    And other 20% not watching youtube, they're like wtf is going on bro I'm not going to be that nice person anymore.

    It becomes a habit after a while you hust forget L1 R1.

    Might even go step further and learn some cool not generic celebrations.
  • Val3k
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    Lol true. That and flick the ball before shooting. Doin the same thing over and over again.
  • freakjas
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    It’s crazy how much people still care about this game.
    Had some guy passing the ball around for the first 15 ig mins and shushing after he scored a goal, watched every replay etc.
    I scored a kickoff goal which was quite hilarious lol.

  • EisenErmin
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    Last game: Went up 1-0 and skipped, he scored the equalizer by a crappy goal and his FIRST shot on target at 70th minute and watches and celebrates everything. I score the 2-1 and skipp. I score the 3-1 and skip. He pauses twice at 90 minute and takes the whole 30 seconds. What kind of people are these clowns? Match is done, he had no chance and still wastes his and my time. Surprised i did not get a hate message afterwards blaiming EA for his loss and my 19-3 shots beeing pure luck and/or pay to win.
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