How much does Delayed unresponsive gameplay affects your mental health?

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I have dealt with so much horribles stuffs in life, but this issue with the game makes me wanna destroy everything on my path without the care in the world.

Just thinking about it alone scares me and frustrate the hell out of me.

I think i am finally gonna declare myself as an addict and need to break away from the game for good.

I play bo4 here and there, but fifa is my main game. I jump on fifa and i change, raging all the time cos my players are delayed and unresponsive.

I have played some good games all my life, but fifa 19 makes me wanna hurt someone.

I keep thinking how good id be if the game plays fluid. I have a very good gaming set up, saved loads last summer to get proper gaming sets, but for what?

I can deal with many things but the unresponsive nature kills me. I have played 90% unresponsive gameplay this weekend where i have to press the button twice.

Opponents scores, celebrate and watch replays thinking oh i deserve that, when in reality the other just cant move. I know i this happens to most of my opponents as well when they play me.

I will be very happy to get help and support just to leave the game as it cant keep going on like this.
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