Why dont my players get drugged up when i turn on CP to counter my opponents Cp?

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I just played a guy where the pressure al literally just smashed through my players all game. I changed to all out attack, and constant pressure but nothing happened.

My players were just slobbering

Do u have to be the first player to turn it on for it to work proper?

It never work for me whenever i turn on CP in game.


  • silverdale10
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    I always start balanced, but they never are balanced, they're either full-on all over the opponent from kick-off and winning the ball back the second they lose it or they're acting like little kids on the playground when the big kids turn up and they just let them have the ball for fear of being beaten up.

    Changing to different tactics usually makes no difference. If it does make a difference then half the time it just makes things worse.
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