Flip (or slight lob pass) then volley shooting

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This type of shooting seems broken, how can we do that, please guide me!


  • Retro_G
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    L1/R1, circle/B, then shoot.
  • Adrew
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    Retro_G wrote: »
    L1/R1, circle/B, then shoot.

    Thanks mate, slightly press circle/B, right? But I set Square button for shooting and Circle button for crossing, so what button (square or circle) I have to press?
  • 3MenandaBebe
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    I think you mean the r1/square pass then you can shoot on the volley as the hall will be in the air slightly.

  • Royboy
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    L2+square works well if you aim them right and the receiver is somewhat unmarked. L2+circle for volley or overhead kicks
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