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Lets make FIFA Career Mode the GREATEST Career Mode in any sports title!!

It's got to that stage where it's time for a change, or, it's time to consider investing in PES.

Here's a few of my ideas on how you can change, refresh, and update Manager/Player Career Mode:

This needs a serious update.
Example: Hearing how the 4-3-3 forming was invented by the Netherlands over & over & over again is so repetitive it has me and others I know turning off the commentary. This is bad, because the Commentary is so important in creating the atmosphere we all need to feel immersed in the game.

There needs to be more stadiums.
There is no excuse not to have nearly every stadium for every team in FIFA by now. At least for every top tier team in each league. There should also be an alternative to create your own stadium. But more about that in the FIFA CREATION section.

There needs to be more variation in sounds & behaviour, depending on how successful a team is, and what part of the season it is.
For example, games that matter more, there should be a packed house and a lot more animation.

There needs to be more inclusion of noticeable differentiation in graphic, and screen introduction depending on which country you are currently in. Make us feel like we're actually in England, or France, or Australia etc. This has been touched on in the World Cup versions of the game. We need this in Career Mode instead of seeing the same old screens and the same old colours reminding us that we have to pretend something's changed.

Related to above, still have EA trax for the menu, but also have more music specific to all the countries. This is a global game. Let us feel that in the game.

This one has been talked about quite a lot, but there has to be a change in weather. Once again, we need to feel immersed in realism.

This is a must. I say again, a must. Why?
While ever FIFA fans are collateral damage due to issues such as licensing, we are being starved of the very things we first bought the game for... that is, realism, and the opportunity no matter where you're from, or what team you follow, that you can proudly play for YOUR TEAM, in YOUR STADIUM, in YOUR PART OF THE WORLD, in YOUR JERSEY, and be a part of one of the greatest, if not THE greatest games on earth.
If you're not going to update stadiums, or lose out on licensing, or have all the international teams (eg Nigeria) that play this great game, you have to provide your fans, investors, and players the CHOICE & OPPORTUNITY to create their team, stadium, and jersey (and alternate jerseys).
There's no shame in allowing that.
And hey, if PES can do it, so can you!!

This goes without saying. We need to be able to create a Manager that looks like us. This is a must. Once again... REALISM!!

You must be able to build new stadiums, add more jerseys, and create new competitions from within Career Mode, that way you can continue to refresh year after year. It doesn't make sense to bring a lower tier team into the Premier League and still be wearing the same two jerseys. By then we'd have 3 or 4.

- MANAGER MODE (include more options to change clubs, including past lower league clubs you may have once been a manager)
Your choices as a manager need to reflect that of real life!
SO, as a manager, you not only have offers, but you can approach teams too.
If I start my career at Portsmouth and work my way up to managing Real Madrid, as the years go on, I might want a new challenge, so if I pick up the phone and contact Portsmouth about managing there next season, and they agree (which they should based on my experience, success, and established rapport with the club), then that should be an option.
This also means that as a manage, you know that the world is at your feet, and you can go where you aim to go, but you can also go back to your roots, negotiate contracts, and have a more interactive experience with club owners, fans, and players.
Once again, REALISM!!

NEW TEAMS (International & Leagues)
Let me start by saying, that if FIFA Creation is included, this may solve this one.
We need more international teams, their updated rosters, jerseys, and stadiums.
Every single year, I am disappointed by how few international teams (eg African Teams) are in FIFA.

THIS is a must.
If you want to represent the true world of real life FIFA, then include all the competitions from around the world. It wouldn't take much.
Just create it.
Whether you include more teams or allow us to create them, allow us to include them in CAREER MODE, or it's a waste of time.
Example: Africa Cup of Nations (This competition is amazing!!!!)
Example: World Cup Qualifiers as well as the next World Cup (including Venues - real or created)

This would be a great option so we could access all the players in the game rather than have to scroll through team by team, league by league.

Scouting is fun, and there is a sense of realism, but it needs more work to make it more realistic.
It would be great to have an option to turn this off so we could access all the players ratings, prices, and potential growth just to save time if we wanted to.

Included in player mode could be everything I've said above, and a lot more.

Have news that's exciting and relevant to your career that includes rumours, some drama, and news concerning clubs being bought by new owners.

This is so much fun, and was an inclusion in previous years.
For example, imagine you're playing in EFL League 2, and you read that your (or another team overseas) is rumoured be in negotiations with a new multi millionaire or billionaire owner. Then, as a result of the outcome of these rumours, the team sees a huge injection of funds, and potentially funds to put toward a stadium upgrade (creation centre). Not to mention adding alternate jerseys etc. as well as scouts, and staff. This kind of thing happens in real life, so it should happen in EA SPORTS FIFA.

The screens need a revamp. Changing the colours is great, but it's insulting to us as year in year out investors to see such a lack respect for FIFA fans who have been supporting this product from the beginning.
We are not asking for much, just to show us that you care about the sentiment involved in the relationship we have with this product.


You need to start paying attention to your long time fans. We are the ones buying your game. You need us just like we need you. This is a two way relationship. There has to be compromise.
Too long now the voices of so many of us have been ignored when it comes to career mode.
We have been patient, but I sense that if we are taken for granted for too much longer, you will see a rapid shift in sales towards PES.
Don't wait until we all stop buying FIFA and start buying PES to make these changes. By then it will be too late. FIFA may never return as the number 1 choice for Football fans, and that's not what we want.

Make FIFA great again!!

Kind regards,



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    The game does keep updating but career mode remains unchanged. Smaller things like player emotions, goal keeper injuries, inbox for the manager that remains unattractive, once u change the strategy from defense to attack, u hv to pause the games because all the players are in wrong positions.

    I have been playing fifa fo so many years but it’s career mode is really getting bad that better. Some managers of players should just demonstrate how they want their players to play for your team so that if u r a champion, u can get best players.
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