EA and Data Collection, Fifa 19 and Fifa 20

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Hi Guys,

How is everyone? This is my first post on this forum and I wanted to address a few things based on EA's advanced telemetry data collection (Advanced survey really), Fifa 19 and Fifa 20.

A bit about myself I'm an Solutions Architect and Specialise in Datacenters/Networks and Cloud Technologies such as AWS and Azure and I'm based in Australia. \

I love football just like everyone here and I guess thats why we put up with this excuse of a game. I've been involved in football for a very long time and have played it on an amateur level consistently. My son 10yrs old has trialed for Barcelona in Spain and has received very positive feedback and has been invited back to Barca when his 12 to try out again and make a possible switch to Barcelona. So thats how much I love this game.

Now I wanted to address a couple of things.

EA's Advanced Telemetry data collection:

Their is no way that they are collecting data from Australia/New Zealand or any country in the Oceania region. EA's main focus is Europe/US and most other countries tend to be ignored. So how are we supposed to provide feedback when no data is being collected from us. @EA_Andy , can you answer this for me please.

Preliminary network analysis using tools such as PingPlotter/WireShark indicates packet loses when connecting to servers in the UK. It seems like I'm connecting to servers in the UK. Why is that? Dont you have any servers here in Australia. Again where is the fair and fun component based on their TOS. Their are so many ways to improve network performance/game performance.

I think as a paying consumer I should just like their favorites be entitled to provide some feedback.

Fifa 19:

where to begin. This game has issues, that requires a 100,000 word essay to describe every issue. Almost everyone knows all these issues, issues such as constant pressure, 1st time 180 degree shots, 180 degree driven-passes, deflections rebounding back to your opponent. High rated players playing like as if their stuck in quick sand.

This version is purely based on the meta players such as Vieira, Guillt, R9 R7, why are other icons such as Hagi useless. I grew up watching Hagi play and his a phenomenal player. In Fifa 19 is utter useless. Why can't I play with my favorite players in real life? What is the point of including these icons if they are useless? I believe football should be based on tactical awareness, knowledge of the game. Most kids I play have no idea on football and just hold down R1+X with theirs backs facing away from my goal and can pass perfectly to their attackers, and the ball just flys past my team, and my defenders just watch. Is this your knowledge of football?

Skill move chaining is utter unrealistic, how many times in real football have you seen Ronaldo skill a entire team and score? How many times have you seen Messi skill? Mo Slah doesn't even skill at all. If Fifa is supposed to be realistic than focus on the basics of football. timed finishing an utter useless feature, GK movement another useless feature.

Fifa 20:

I've read the latest pitch notes. Now how many of these features have you actually implemented. It all sounds good on paper, but what about in game. Why is that only a certain number of people such as Pros/Game Changers can test the game. How many of these pros/Game Changers has actually played real competitive football?

Why not give everyone an opportunity to test and post their feedback?
You mentioned that certain features such as chaining skill moves i not realistic, whats to say your nott going to patch this after the initial release when all the skillers now need to use their football knowledeg to actually play. Its great that u introduced volta, it doesn't appeal to me and I guess the skillers can play their.

Now your GK tactics, I actually question this. You've mentioned that the Keeper can play like a sweeper or come out for crosses. Now does this mean that if select the keeper as a sweeper (this should be good when usin Thiago Motta's 272 tactics) that the keeper is useless against crosses and vice versa. I get the feeling that EA just doesn't know how to find a balance in the game and we have seen this in several previous versions of Fifa.

you talk about skill gap, whats to say another new game breaking mechanic is not deliberately introduced by EA to help people play who just don't have the football knowledge.

Your new tactical change for midfielders where a mid fielder drops in between the CB's does this mean that I can use a center back to help in attack like how Barcelona plays, when Pique comes for attack, Busquette drops in between the gap and acts as a CB.

I really don't understand your logic of football EA. It seems like your just listening to people who just assume how the game is played. Please ensure that the essence of football is captured and simulated.
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