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We have a new pitch notes article up - a deep dive into the FIFA 20 gameplay features.

If you want to check it out you can do so here.

Would love to hear your thoughts.


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    About the new 1v1s
    I like the idea and I understand that your intention is to make face-to-faces more interesting and give the game more climatic moments but don't forget to balance this thoroughly. I mean, I can already see it being broken, I can ask someone with L1 to run forward (which by the way needs to be reworked too so it's not always a straight line), I can then use the Strafe Dribble and if the AI of the defender always automatically chases the striker because it's a 1v1 that will easily over a long time or at least for an instant, remove the defender from his place, leaving the pass lane completely open without any possibility of control from my opponent of his defender. However, if you make the positioning on the defenders completely manual (either by holding X or moving the stick yourself interpreting where the rival will go and going to that place in anticipation) you can avoid this issue.

    Spacing and movement:

    "The team made a big restructure of the AI positioning system, emphasizing user controlled actions. Players on the pitch should behave more realistically than ever, keeping the space and reacting with the urgency needed for each situation. To improve unnecessary player movements and hectic feeling of the game, players will now try to keep their formation and position, anticipating the opponent’s next move instead of just going towards them. At the same time, players will still make runs and offer support when the opportunity arises."

    This seems to complement my prior point regarding the fact that defenders will try to hold their formation position, instead of just chasing the striker automatically, which means that you can make them go out of their position manually with X or fully manually but I am supposing that the player will automatically move at least a little bit to try and compensate for the angle, position and closeness the striker is at, which still makes me think back of the prior paragraph. Also, I see two issues with this:

    If this keeps too much space between the defender and the dribbler it's going to contribute to the dribbler more in some situations, and more to the defending team in others, making it actually unbalanced. What do I mean by this:

    - If the game automatically positions the players in such a way that the dribbler has three or more possible instances of "baiting" (and this fully depends on the space available) most people defending will be at a disadvantage. When defending, most people go for the "immediate" or the next to that immediate prediction, which is reaction, or in the case of a 2nd baiting chance due to space, they go for a further prediction of the opposite, (or the dribbler doing a R1 + same direction he was walking towards in other words taking the same direction) (or them sending a 1 - 2 pass). I'll give two examples to illustrate:
    When people stop with their defender to contain they most of the time do two things: if the striker comes walking with the ball diagonally downwards then suddenly walks to the opposite direction, upwards, that's one instance. Most people defending will always decide for that first instance, chasing you in that direction, giving up their "formation" position for that only direction and instance.

    - On the chance the defending player has a little bit more experience, he will, by intuition, think of a second instance, where the striker can use that space he has for a second instance movement, to temporarily walk to that opposite direction (upwards) he was heading to, but then change it again and now move downwards, which the defending player by intuition or knowledge knew he could do. That's a second instance.

    But now that I'm done explaining "two instances" made possible by the defenders giving space by mostly retaining their "formation" position automatically (even if you press X) that way,, let's talk about a third instance.

    Assuming there's enough space, the striker can have a third instance to perform a third baiting move then his final dribble towards the opposite direction, to finally move quickly and get past the defender. What will happen with the defender? since most people will be "defeated" at the second instance (you need even more experience to prevent that third instance from fooling you) the striker now counts with an effective advantage to make use of that third instance, provided automatically by automatic positioning.

    This is all assuming that the automatic keeping the "formation" positioning works in such a radical way that the defender is going to stay too far from the attacker.

    - I see another issue, which is that it will create a big enough space (given even only "two instances" of this space in between them) for strikers to just decide and take their long shot chance often.
    - Another further issue is lateral movement near the post, specifically people trying to send a pass from the upper or lower sides of the small area close to the opponent's goalie. We have all suffered goals in 17 and 18 from people abusing the bad positioning and advantageous teammate positioning when sending passes from the up or down positions when for example a LW has managed to roulette past the right back and he manages to send a pass towards the center to a striker which then executes the goalie with an unstoppable and easy shot that is a sure goal. Well, due to 1v1s the defender might be kept back too much opening too much space for the LW to just send a pass to the center unpunished.

    Those are my concerns regarding the reworked space and movement.

    Game Flow
    "The focus was on building a slower and more composed game off the ball, while keeping it very responsive and agile on the ball. Players will have more time to read situations and plan their next steps putting emphasis on more tactical defending, but at the same time, players will be more responsive and faster than before allowing for explosive runs and breakaways."

    This is actually a really cool viewpoint you have here, not much to add, except that I'm worried about the game flow becoming slower regarding passes. The "structural speed" of the passes game must not become slower, because if it does, you are "dumbing" down the meta. Never think about having a game slow enough on the structure that it allows people with bad defending skills to have enough time to defend. Instead of that, focus on giving people the tools they need to defend more effectively in due time. That is, allowing people to hold the right stick in a direction or multiple directions in succession to quickly switch between defenders further beyond the first one. And also, increasing the speed at which you can switch to the next defender. Make it have zero delay in-between switching (there's a half a second delay right now). At least give us an option to be able to do these two things.

    The tools for 1v1s are also great ideas, all of them. I would add to those a temporary increase in the dribbler's ball control stat related to the closeness of the defenders in order to not give them such a big advantage they have now when they tackle. The "hitbox" or the "effective action area" of the tackles right now is too big and when you are dribbling you feel like you've got no chance of subtly moving the ball from a defender to move it past his feet when he is close enough. I would like to have that possibility. Making the striker be able to quickly and repeatedly change directions in a short period of time the closer the defender is, still keeping a big enough hitbox for the defender to tackle successfully given he chose the right direction would make the game and the mind games much deeper.

    Strafe Dribbling

    Not much to add here, great ideas all of them.

    Controlled tackling
    "A revamped system that favors manual tackling by making sure that the defender trying to tackle does so in a favorable context to your team on the vast majority of occasions. Defenders will be more successful in recovering possession by tackling the ball towards a teammate to keep the ball in play after a tackle."

    I like the focus in making bounces go, for a change, NOT GO TOWARDS THE RIVALS, like it happens in most bounces after shots in 19. Just make sure that High Pressure does not make this change work in favor of rival teams, since if the rival is close enough to a defending CDM they can get the ball instead, if it's going too slow and there's enough space.

    While we are looking at bounces now, you could try and rework the bounces after shots going too often from the hands of the goalie or the post back towards rivals which cause SO, AND I REPEAT SO MUCH, much frustration to players. And make sure passes with error margin now bouncing on the pitch too do not recreate this frustration and create another instance of it.

    "Akin to real football, once in a while the ball will bounce back to the attacker, however the frequency of this will be reduced."

    What I just said above. THANK YOU. Thank you.

    Agile Jockey

    Just make sure the "hitbox" isn't too advantageous for the defender.

    Set up touch

    Not much to say about the idea, great.

    Ball Physics

    "To bring more authenticity to the beautiful game, we rewrote the physics of the ball, replicating a football’s real life movement with pronounced bounces, spins and trajectories. This improved system also provides us with the ability to create unique physics for different ball types, and we will go deeper into this topic when we talk about the Gameplay in VOLTA FOOTBALL leading up to the release of FIFA 20.

    The new Physics will make passes feel more realistic, adding spin and creating a natural curve with passes. Players will often see the ball bouncing off the ground after contact and subtle bounces once the ball touches the ground, which will have an impact on the ball trajectory and also when trapping the ball. Hard passes and bad passes will have more bounce to their trajectory, to demonstrate the error/difficulty of the pass. Pitch wear-and-tear also influences the bounces, with rougher pitches increasing the ball’s bounce, making it rise more and more irregularly."

    I have the same big issue I had with the flow speed of the passes metagame I had before. If you make successive quick passes less viable you are dumbing down the metagame, in this case, just to make the game a better simulator. That's counterproductive and makes the game way less deep regarding strategy, surprise, and reduces the amount of possibilities at your disposal, just so that it is slow enough for some dumb guys that need to learn how to play to defend correctly. Teach them to defend correctly in more ways, give them the tools, but don't affect the depth of the metagame. Make switching between defenders faster and possible by just holding the right stick to keep switching between them. You are also just encouraging bus parkers to turtle even more with the 4 - 2 - 3 - 1 which by the way needs to be nerfed. CDMs need to be further nerfed.

    Oh, and please don't forget to heavily work on making bounces after shots go out of rivals convenience way more often by giving the bounces more strength and more irregular trajectories, just like real life. In real life attackers very seldomly get to touch the ball after the goalkeeper deflects it, not very often like in Fifa. Stop catering to casuals if you want a competitive scene.

    The Set pieces refresh and extra additions all seem correct to me, so nothing to add there.
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    Now, moving even further beyond my comments above and beyond what you just said you will be including as changes on the gameplay, please, let me include my list of suggestions here. The first one is the most important.

    This is my list of suggestions (Warning: wall of text!):

    -- Input Delay --

    - Bring P2P connection back to all game modes as an option, or develop a P2P network code that does not reveal your IP to anyone aside from the results verification server.

    This is so easy to do if we are referring to just giving players the option to choose whether they want to use servers (iack!) or P2P, and it would almost solve the delay issue. And if we are talking about developing a P2P netcode that masks your IP I know it is a very tough one but a necessary one at the same time, and I am sure it is possible. Even implementing rollback predicting netcode is possible if you work on it, which would reduce the delay to it's minimum expression.

    The server netcode and model is what is capping this game's performance and no one seems to realize, in all aspects. I know it's there to ensure cheaters don't just DDOS their rivals, but believe me, the pros are way bigger than the cons and I am sure you can find a solution to use P2P or rollback netcode and still not reveal the IPs of players. Devote a lot of resources, time and dedication to develop a P2P or rollback netcode, first in the world, that can achieve it. Devote a portion of the money put on marketing, on a game that suffers so much of bad reputation due to delay, caused by servers, to develop this alternative. Everyone will win, EA's owner and the associates' wallets (by removing all servers for gameplay they save all that budget), the players (who will be able to host their own matches, reducing the travel time of data to a half and thus reducing current input delay to a half and even more, allowing playing Fut Champions locally among the same country, everyone getting from 10 to 30ms latency instead of 100, 150, 250ms latency that they get currently), your marketing efforts, your development efforts, your image, our time, future fifa titles, the competitive scene. And while we are at it please don't embarrass the game more, develop an offline option for tournaments and World Cups so when the damn servers are down the tournaments are put on hold too.

    Remove the servers, bring P2P or rollback netcode somehow. This is the main reason everyone complains about the game.

    Let's explain to people now how server netcode and P2P/rollback netcode work regarding input delay. When data travels, very simply put, normally it takes only one path, the sending path, you connect to the IP of the server you want to reach and you send input data to it, which reaches it, and it produces a result which is immediately reflected on the webpage you are seeing. But guess what, on Fifa you have to send and then also RECEIVE an answer from the server, which means the data travels towards the server AND THEN HAS TO GO BACK TO YOU, it's a double travel time = double input delay. If reaching the server takes 150ms, one path traveling to it should actually take 75ms. If data only had to travel ONCE, the sending path, input delay would actually be at only 75ms (and this is the reason why the server model is very prehistoric and should be removed). If game developers and studios could get rid of servers in-between they would, it's just that the industry lacks a P2P code that does not reveal the IP still. The amounts wasted on hiring deficient, laggy servers is not economically efficient for EA or any other company.

    P2P netcode WORKS WITH THE SENDING PATH ONLY, and yes, instead of 150ms you are going to get 75ms input delay with it. How?

    When you directly connect to another player without a server in the middle, you and your rival send data to each other, at the same time, effectively taking out the RECEIVING part of the connection from the equation. When your opponent receives your data, you are receiving his at the same time, and right at that moment the action is ready to be displayed on the screen. Your console or PC does not have to wait for a second travel time. It GREATLY REDUCES INPUT DELAY. That is why Single Match feels SO MUCH LESS DELAYED THAN RIVALS OR CHAMPIONS, and why Seasons felt so much better than Rivals, BECAUSE THE OLD SEASONS AND NOW SINGLE MATCH USE P2P. The game has a P2P network code already implemented. It doesn't have to be developed from scratch, it just has to be improved with something to mask your IP, and we will be play with way less input delay than we are experiencing now.

    Rollback netcode is the most advanced networking code developed in recent years. A lot of shooters make use of it to improve the accuracy of the actions displayed on screen and bullets hitting their targets, players complaining less about delay. It takes things one step further to compensate for travel time and latency by predicting how a specific action taken that is a result of a button press will turn out through a heavy state-processing and predicting model. Explaining that goes more into depth of how game states work but it would allow to reduce input delay even further, even lower than P2P.

    It is a law nowadays to use it on fighting games and those that use it, such as Street Fighter 5, allow players that have a 150ms latency to play with only 1 or 2 animation frames of input delay, compared to 9 input delay frames from P2P, and about 18, 19 from servers-based netcode.

    There's another extra reason why servers are a deficient model in 2019. Peering is VERY bad or non-existent in most countries.

    From Wikipedia:


    In computer networking, peering is a voluntary interconnection of administratively separate Internet networks for the purpose of exchanging traffic between the users of each network."

    That's it, peering is an interconnection between Internet Service Providers (such as your local communications company that gives you your internet connection and one from another country) which among other things, reduces input delay between the two companies, making communication way more efficient between those two countries. P2P takes advantage of this, servers do not most of the time. Why?

    When it comes to the server based model, the ideal would be that the server and the players are equidistant to each other, but that never happens, the data has to travel to the server, and it has to wait for your opponent's data to reach it, then it has to send data back to both of you. If your opponent has a 250ms latency to the server, and you have 50ms to it, guess what, both players have 250ms because the actions on screen are displayed ONLY WHEN THE LAST OF YOU BOTH RECEIVES THE DATA, when both have received it.

    Meanwhile, the action is waiting on your system until your opponent can display it on his. Add to this deficiency the fact that the input delay is double because the data has to travel forth and back, and it is equal to the input delay we have right now on Fifa. THAT IS WHY THE CONNECTIONS FEEL SO POOR AND SLUGGISH EVEN IF YOU HAVE A FIBER/FTTP CONNECTION. And add, on top of all this terrible ineptitude of the servers model, the fact that servers LAG ON PEAK HOURS and have INADEQUATE CONFIGURATIONS many times, as well as local bandwidth limitations in many countries due to high-traffic costs. This is exactly what Fifa is right now. You feel it every weekend. I too am completely tired of feeling like I can't defend, or create the offensive plays that I can in Squad Battles or playing against a friend on Friendly Matches. Add to this the irrational bounces, the still in works gameplay and we have Fifa.

    Remove servers from the equation EA. Everyone will win.

    P2P and rollback network code take full advantage of Peering. When you connect to a player through P2P or rollback netcode you do so directly, and if data would take 100ms to reach the server, it would take 50ms to reach your opponent directly under this model. A lot of ISPs nowadays connect to each other to simplify and make traffic cheaper, and faster. So, what happens when you have someone who lives in your country and you both want to play Fut Champions? Under P2P you connect to each other directly, with half the input delay, at speeds that are very close to offline (5 to 15ms). Data travels only one way, doesn't have to go back to you double traveling. Input delay is at 1 or 2 animation frames, which is absolutely almost unnoticeable.

    What happens with Peering if you and your opponent are in the same country, say, Spain, and the servers are in the Netherlands, or if you both are in Argentina and the servers you connect to are in the USA or Brazil? That PEERING DOESN'T MATTER, DATA HAS TO TRAVEL TO THE USA AND THEN GO BACK TO SPAIN OR ARGENTINA AGAIN. This is happening to more people than we can find out, right now, and they don't know it's happening because they don't know that the game connects them this way.

    Or say you are in New York and want to connect to someone in Oklahoma, and the servers are in Texas, which is a state close to you. Guess what, a server in between is apparently an efficient way to connect to your rival but in practice it's NOT, because you are still getting DOUBLE THE INPUT DELAY YOU WOULD GET BY CONNECTING DIRECTLY TO YOUR RIVAL EVEN IF THE CONNECTION WENT THROUGH A TEXAS TELECOM FIRST, because of how server netcode works, as I explained above. Using P2P netcode data travels only one way, doesn't have to go back, effectively reducing input delay to a half.

    Add to all this, the fact that a direct P2P connection to your opponent is only affected by both of your connections, and never by peak hour traffic or server configuration inadequacy. P2P connections are immune to peak hour lag, or lack of optimization on server configurations, or hardware limitations, or costs, or bandwidth limitations. You don't have to wait until night or have to get up early in the morning on saturdays and sundays hoping that not a lot of people are clogging the servers. You connect directly to your opponent and it is up to you and your opponent's network to be in normal conditions for the match to flow perfectly.

    Even if one of the players is lagging and it is not optimal for both this way, the input delay should be less or nearly equal to what you experience with server based netcode. Most of the matches you play are against opponents who don't lag or are having packet loss, why should we also eliminate from our potential of playing comfortably, the higher frequency of having a good match with less delay, in favor of eliminating the possibility of one or two matches lagging due to having an opponent with an not optimal connection?

    In the same tone, why would we eliminate P2P connections from the equation that favor a more frequent concurrence of lower input delay in more matches, in favor of eliminating the very, very rare possibility of someone finding out the IP of their rivals and DDOSing them?

    Okay, after reaching this point of my exposition I would like to say this: If, in the case it is not possible to develop a P2P netcode that does not reveal the IP of your opponent: GIVE US THE OPTION TO CHOOSE WHICH MODEL OF CONNECTION WE WANT TO PLAY UNDER, SERVERS OR P2P, THROUGH AN IN-GAME OPTION, in all game FUT game modes.

    Simple. If I am a player that often reaches Gold 3 or 2, I am not going to get DDOsed. Hundreds of thousands of people will not risk their contracts with their ISPs in order to win 10 Champions matches. And if I know this, I can take the risk. I can choose to play my matches, with adequate matchmaking (another suggestion I have) that looks for people near me or preferably from my country/states close to mine only or firstly at least, taking advantage of local peering, with a P2P connection, by choosing so on the matchmaking options menu screen. Then I can go back to servers for safety if I go past, say, Gold 2 and I'm at Gold 1, nearing Elite 3 by choosing the servers option. Of course, if such an option was to be implemented, it would have to display a warning on-screen clearly stating that it is under my risk to choose to play on P2P with my IP revealed.

    But ideally, you can develop a P2P netcode that somehow masks the IP, at least to the common DDOS brat. I know you can with so much devoted to marketing. Devote some of that to research on this P2p code.

    -- Input Delay --

    - Include an optional numerical latency indicator that we can toggle on/off from the main options menu to replace the 1 to 5 bars indicator.

    I don't know how in 2019 there is not an option for this. Probably because people would find out what their real latency to the less than optimal servers is -exactly-, but it is a very necessary feature that needs to be in for us to optimize our connections, for example, choosing when to play and knowing exactly when we are getting less latency at what time of the day, or which local ISP is giving us less latency (ideally through P2P to local rivals...).

    If P2P is brought back:

    - Provide an indicator of how many frames of input delay we are getting before each button press under that latency.

    For when we are in doubt if our opponent is trying to purposefully lag the match and we want to know on the lobby whether to accept the match or not:

    - Provide an indicator, contrasted between his connection and a check server, if his latency is varying wildly, with a red warning: "Opponent is having a bad connection/is losing packets", when he is.

    -- Connection --

    - Create a reconnection feature for all FUT modes, with a 2 or 3 minutes leniency time to get back to the game, while the AI takes control of the disconnected players.

    I still don't understand why this has not been introduced yet and even you, EA, said it would be but you stepped back and didn't explain why. It HAS TO BE IN THE GAME, otherwise, competitive is not really competitive, if players are losing Champions wins just because they can't reconnect to a lost game due to a temporary packet loss.

    -- Gameplay --

    - Remove contain and/or automatic defense from Central Defending Midfielders (CDMs)

    This fulfills two important objectives:

    - Decreases the gap between skilled players using formations other than 4-2-3-1 and beginners who use it, reducing also the frustration and desperation that this position creates in all creative offensive plays.
    - If they want to have 6 defenders, forces people to learn how to defend with at least two, which will result in a higher skill standard for the common user.

    It also makes playing other formations way more viable, balancing the 4-2-3-1 formation which is pretty broken. Most players, including people who have no idea of how to manually defend, as well as many pros and competitive players, use the 4-2-3-1 formation because of how abysmally great it is just due to the positioning of the players on the pitch to defend, not even needing to touch them much. This is clearly broken and along with the already recognized as such, broken automatic defense and contain, make this formation too good and others too poor or risky.

    This change would go hand in hand perfectly with the contain nerf and tackling from the back nerf you are already implementing in Fifa 20. CDMs are too good currently at tackling and getting from behind. Couple this with a card like Van Dijk or Militao tackling you from behind, driven automatically. It would be best to remove automatic defense from CDMs and CMs altogether.

    If it cannot be removed for X or Y reason, at least nerf it further for CDMs more than you will for the first line of defense.
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    Warning: wall of text!

    -- Gameplay --

    - Reduce a little bit (emphasis on a little bit) the explosive acceleration of running forward when a through pass is sent

    Right now it's a little bit too fast so it causes defenders, and especially slower than the fastest ones to not be viable to use. I know casuals need to get some goals but everyone needs to learn a little bit more creativity to be able to score. Right now, and in many situations, I have to actually start running (earlier and very earlier before or during a through pass, and pair this with the fact that players take a little bit too long time to turn around their backs when the pass has already been sent or even before it is sent), with my defender. This needs to be addressed.

    - Improve the speed at which you can switch from one player to another one using the right stick, especially when cycling through defenders.

    Too often I know where a goal assist is going to go, but there is a 1/2 second delay included in the game, when I switch to a player using the right stick, before I can move to the cursor to the next player, and I can't reach my defender in time. I suppose this is to prevent input delay from making the cursor to slide towards an unwanted defender far from the one you need. You can remove that delay before moving to the next player with the cursor using the right stick completely, or give us an option (for people who know and when to stop pressing the right stick under delay) to fast switch through defenders.

    Another scenario where this affects is when you are defending a pair or more of players that are passing constantly hoping for one of them to start running forward. You have to quickly go and cover the passing line then quickly switch back to contain the player with the ball, and there can be successive changes of direction and possessor of the ball which you need to cover in time switching with the right stick, which we have discussed in previous pages.

    I don't know why the right stick has a delay but the L1 button doesn't when switching players.

    - Allow Central Midfielders to occupy the Central Defender Midfielder position dynamically

    Be it through a team tactic, an individual instruction, or only through the analog directionals, but I want to be able to instruct my CMs to act defensively as a CDM does, only temporarily, while my team is on the back. Is there a reason why we can't assign defensive tactics to our CMs/CAMs? All teams in the world of real football instruct the CMs to act as CDMs, it's a common thing. It would make the 4-4-2 formation which I use, viable defensively.

    -- Gameplay --

    - Fix the bug that makes any player override their instructed defensive position.

    When you instruct a player to Don't go offensive and Stay behind they still often go on the offensive leaving a nice hole on your defense, particularly when they have the Offensive work rate High. It happens a lot with CMs, CBs and LB/RBs.

    - Allow CAMs and MCs to incorporate a new tactic: Constant Position Variation when on the third quarter of the pitch.

    A tactic that allows a Cruyff-like varying constantly the position of these players from left to right, covering open spaces constantly, would allow extreme creativity and very distinct outcomes for matches, and their "choreographies", these positions constantly looking for a profile to shoot or to get a pass, automatically, going from up to down if you want on the pitch, and not just always running forward in a straight line, where you can't quickly vary the attack positions of more than one player by controlling him and moving towards the desired direction. When you control a player that goes to the left/up side, your other teammates position themselves on the other side, or dynamically looking for an action radius where they are free, in open space, in reference to the rivals. This would easily balance further CDMs nerfing the prevalence of their positioning, precisely because AI can't dynamically look for chances moving to opposite directions on the pitch. It would also bring full beautiful creativity on chances, and their outcomes. Pair that with a better bouncing system and the fact that tackling from behind will be nerfed, and we have a beautiful Fifa next year.

    - As someone already mentioned, make runs look for open space and a free "action radius", not always run in a straight line.

    This would make for way more delicious offensive plays and thus, fun. Although, the defenders have to track the player that is running in irregular trajectories adequately and both works need to be made to implement it.

    - Make header outcomes more position and timing based than height based, Reduce the effectiveness of height.

    - Improve the position and ability to fast switch to a defender that is going to go mark an attacker going for a header, both on a run.

    This is being covered already, but unless we have a fast, no delay player switching with the right stick as I suggested, it still won't work as you intend. We need to be able to switch players with the right stick immediately, as fast as possible, with no delay in-between like the half second there is right now. Needs to work like L1 speed but with the right stick.

    - Create a dribbling mechanic that does not involve the right stick, that is only executed with the left stick, that increases in efficiency and ball control speed and accuracy through the Dribbling and Ball Control stats.

    Have you seen those players like Messi that have a great control of the ball, being able to constantly change the direction of the ball, stop it many times, and change again, and again direction, within a small space? You could create a mechanic of dribbling that worked this way, allowing you to dribble and leave the rival behind only with the left stick, constantly changing the directions and moving forward at the right time, and he would need to select the right direction with timing and press the circle button to stop you. I would LOVE something like this on Fifa and it would make the game feel way more realistic when dribbling. This kind of dribbling should be based on the Dribbling and Ball Control stats and Agility should be removed, that way, only players with a high Dribbling and Ball Control stat would have a better possession and perform this dribbling much better, compared to roadrunners/sweaties who are getting high agility stats and good control of the ball without really having ability.

    -- Gameplay --

    - Further increase the stamina drain from using High Pressure and doing long runs/constantly pressuring with CDMs.

    - Increase the penalization for each chemistry point lost, and using less than 10 chemistry. At the same time, keep the substitute players with 8 chemistry when they come in, and allow people to make substitutions with 10 chemistry.

    I'm often turned off from using substitutes just because I feel my players react sub-standard when they have less than 10 chemistry. Why not remove the restriction of 8 chemistry for any substitute when the substitute does achieve 10 chemistry with his teammates around?

    - Important: Base your shooting accuracy on your possession + passing accuracy.

    This comes to balance many things:

    - People who clearly have less understanding of the game mechanics, getting a goal through one or two only shots to the goalie, that came from a bounce, from an overly explosive run, or a inexplicable bounce of the ball, be it because it stumbled on one of your CBs the wrong way after an offensive play that got intercepted but the ball was sent towards an rival attacker. This way, if the rival has played poorly the whole match, if he has 35% possession and 82% pass accuracy (and you can make it even based on the number of shots he has taken), his shooting accuracy should be reduced automatically to a coefficient of a reduction calculus made based on that.


    - Differentiates further between skill gaps
    - Introduces a sense of justice and competitiveness to the game
    - Reduces frustration by A LOT
    - Improves matchmaking efficiency
    - Improves the image of the game
    - Forces people to learn things other than running, passing once then shooting
    - Compensates for other current or future issues regarding irrational bounces, tackles, defending issues, delay

    The formula is up to you to create. It could be possession + passing accuracy + a set number = shooting accuracy.

    For those wondering if simply keeping possession most of the match would defeat your opponent, comes my next suggestion, and also, we have High Pressure to take the ball back quickly.

    - Make it so passing accuracy is greatly reduced when more than 12 or 15 passes have been sent only and exclusively on the second quarter of the pitch, behind your opponent's side, or make it based on the number of passes made by the defenders towards other defenders.

    For when people want to "reset this count" by sending one pass to a midfielder on your opponent's side then back to the defenders, the defenders "passes count" shouldn't reset/we have High Pressure to get the ball back.

    - Make a lower stamina reduce shooting accuracy and power.

    This penalization to people who just run and run all match should be boosted by a penalization sooner, in a lesser degree, when you are at 40% percent of your stamina. This way, people will be forced to take a way closer look at their stamina usage.

    - Make all actions in the game use stamina up, not just running.

    Shooting, passing, losing the ball, falling, being knocked partially to the side by a defender, missing a huge scoring chance, should all bring a stamina use. Your stamina should be a way more key factor in the game, as it is in real football. You see Messi saving his explosive energy by walking on the pitch, midfielders often advancing with the ball slowly instead of sprinting, CAMs slowly approaching the line of defense, and there are many other examples of how stamina in the real world is kept and saved way more than in Fifa, it plays a key factor and is not something that you can just spam. Any professional player knows this well.

    -- Gameplay --

    - Create more pass animations, looking to make the flow of the plays more dynamic and different.

    You see players use the side of the foot to send a pass quicker, or because the ball is closer or is coming towards that side of their foot and they need to send a first attempt pass, why not increase the flow of the game introducing new pass animations such as this one? animations with the heel, sliding (but more than the ones we have now), with the tip of the foot, with the weak foot, there are many possibilities and you even have some that were on previous Fifas that are not on the newest one that you can bring back to increase the variety and create new situations and possibilities.

    - Motion capture the movements of all players that can get a board/are walkouts.

    Just like you did with Ronaldo, Messi, Sterling and others. This should take a looong time to implement, but when you finish, this will be the greatest football simulator ever, the g.o.a.t. This is A WORLD of change, and brings another world of uniqueness to Fifa. Many cards with unique moves, unique speeds and ways to protect the ball, unique dribbling, passes, speeds on passes, on dribbling, shooting poses, speeds, even accuracy allocated to each type of animation, timing for the defenders, the variety and the creativity would be awesome. AWESOME. Ask that player to perform dribbles that they believe are unique to them, so that you can capture them. And in the same tone as this, comes the next suggestion.

    - After each card gets a unique set of motion capture, establish a unique skill move for each card.

    Can you imagine how AWESOME and how much more value a card, even a non-rare gold or a silver card, would have if each card, of the most renowned, skillful players in the world, had a UNIQUE DRIBBLE OR SKILL only that card could execute? do you imagine the richness and variety that would bring to the gameplay?

    -- Gameplay --

    - Create more pass animations, looking to make the flow of the plays more dynamic and different.

    You see players use the side of the foot to send a pass quicker, or because the ball is closer or is coming towards that side of their foot and they need to send a first attempt pass, why not increase the flow of the game introducing new pass animations such as this one? animations with the heel, sliding (but more than the ones we have now), with the tip of the foot, with the weak foot, there are many possibilities and you even have some that were on previous Fifas that are not on the newest one that you can bring back to increase the variety and create new situations and possibilities.

    - Motion capture the movements of all players that can get a board/are walkouts.

    Just like you did with Ronaldo, Messi, Sterling and others. This should take a looong time to implement, but when you finish, this will be the greatest football simulator ever, the g.o.a.t. This is A WORLD of change, and brings another world of uniqueness to Fifa. Many cards with unique moves, unique speeds and ways to protect the ball, unique dribbling, passes, speeds on passes, on dribbling, shooting poses, speeds, even accuracy allocated to each type of animation, timing for the defenders, the variety and the creativity would be awesome. AWESOME. Ask that player to perform dribbles that they believe are unique to them, so that you can capture them. And in the same tone as this, comes the next suggestion.

    - After each card gets a unique set of motion capture, establish a unique skill move for each card.

    Can you imagine how AWESOME and how much more value a card, even a non-rare gold or a silver card, would have if each card, of the most renowned, skillful players in the world, had a UNIQUE DRIBBLE OR SKILL only that card could execute? do you imagine the richness and variety that would bring to the gameplay?
  • Massikiller
    71 posts Park Captain
    Overall nice improvements, let's see them in practice :wink:

    Thank you very much for your outputs about this detailed mechanics and information. It is much appreciated
  • Verdi42
    122 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    I’m pretty excited about these changes. Especially the setup thing and the lock to receiver are gamechangers to me. If you guys put this kind of effort into career mode as well FIFA 20 is looking brilliant. Even with that Piemonte Calcio thing.
  • Alemas_2012
    14852 posts Has That Special Something
    "Referees are now ‘permeable’ and should not collide with the ball or players, preventing them from influencing the play in any way."
    That's just about the laziest "fix" ever.
    Referees colliding with players? Instead of improving their positioning, make the players ghost through him.
    So much for being realistic, eh?
    "Kick-Off Emotions: Improved functionality and animations, players are able to perform an emotion during any Kick-Off."
    That's a feature literally no-one has requested.
    As for the rest... meh.
    A host of new button combinations to learn.
    Still not sold.
    Just a reminder, Juventus, my team, is not in the game...
  • TeamExtreme17
    2116 posts Fans' Favourite
    Players still shoot with the wrong foot in Fifa 20 too then!? Why is Mane shooting with his left foot in the trailer? Hed slot that in with his right foot in real life no matter which side of the GK he shoots! Yes players have a Weak Foot stat in Fifa but they need a Week Foot USAGE stat too!!!!

    Weak Foot: 4
    Weak Foot Usage: 1
  • Any chance you'll bring back the ability to actually practice free kicks so I might have a chance to get one on net?
  • IGS
    61 posts Park Captain
    would like to see how they get balanced... that is what it really matters. otherwise it'd be another season with people just abusing mechanics (in FIFA 19 were crossing to second post, some skill moves chained at infinitum, etc)
  • Verdi42
    122 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Any chance you'll bring back the ability to actually practice free kicks so I might have a chance to get one on net?

    I practice them trough the skill games...
  • Roidzy
    2 posts Ball Boy
    It is funny to think they believe this is enough to make us buy the new game. The new volta mode should never existed, it should have been a part of the pro clubs mode where you had a single player that transferred between a singleplayer career mode like mycareer on 2k, then the standard online 11v11 that pro clubs is atm, and then also the 5v5 volta mode where you could play with mates in a street themed environment similar to mypark on 2k. It is so simple and obvious that is what pro clubs fans want. EA ALL YOU NEED TO DO COPY AND PASTE 2K'S MYPLAYER LAYOUT. IT IS ALREADY THERE FOR YOU!
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