87 Son, striker, Chem??

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I know - whos using 87s this late - well I am as Ionly started 5 weeks ago, and strikers are the most expensive to upgrade.

Anyway - I have 89 Firmino and 87 Son. I have chosen them because I play 433(2) with CMs on free roam and wingers on balanced. Im not a pace ****, nore a sit back and counter. I play build up play. I need my strikers to be able to hold the ball, to play others in, as well as score themselves - but have enough pace and agility to create on their own (unlike big string targetmen).

With son - I cant decide if I should use deadeye or marksman. Firmino was easy as his vision and short passing (very important to how I use them) are in the 90s already - so the extra agility, reactions, jumping as a little strength/aggression boost from Marksman was an obvious choice.

For son - its less cut. Hes taller, but has poor jumping stats. His strength and aggression arnt great either. is vision and passing are 84 which isnt bad, and his reactions could do with a boost.

So - am I better with Marksmans reaction, jumping and strength boost - or deadeyes vision and short passing range.
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