Dynamic weather in fut online.

Dynamic Weather is a key part of real life football. Some features like heavy rain, snowing weather, foggy nights look amazing in single player match. We don't have this features for online matches.

Another thing is, in single player clear night sky matches look crystal whether in online its look odd, yellowish green. I don't know if only I'm seeing this or all of you having this coloring issue in online matches.

Can we play fut rivals or fut champ in raining or foggy or snowing weather at night in FIFA 20 ?


  • Sami
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    They had rain online kid and nobody liked it. The same with snow.
  • EA_Andy
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    Sami wrote: »
    They had rain online kid and nobody liked it. The same with snow.

    I do think this would be a potential issue.

    The different weather types do affect the play and if you had that in the competitive part of FUT I'm not sure how many people would like that.

    I'm not sure if any changes are being made into relation to this but I wouldn't imagine they are.
  • bberger
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    I actually miss that stuff. In WL - yeah I agree and I think everyone can live with it.

    But there once were fun online modes in FUT, not just grinding.. would like to see dynamic weather back in DR and tournaments..
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