Best GK in game

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Been using TOTS Alison, just picked Red donnurama! Any ideas 1 who’s better, or two who’s worth having at all


  • EisenErmin
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    TOTY De Gea is the best. mid and prime van der saar are good aswell. Everyone else is not much worse (as they are all bad) but worse.
  • PeteB7977
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    Might have to get Des Gea in
  • BombSquadPuppy
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    Or just put a 7 foot defender instead 🤷‍♂️
  • Duncan1972
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    TOTS Ederson.

    He never seems to do brain farts, stops shots he had no right to stop, is VERY quick off his line, excellent at 1v1s and shuts down long balls over the top too.

    The speed off the line is particularly useful with the spamming long balls meta we seem to have.
  • starfox1284
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    TOTS Alisson B)
  • Dogznuts
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    EOAE Crouch.
  • mway
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    The one that the game decides. You can use a bronze one and if the game is with you or it´s your team moment he will be great. Or didn´t you see what happened with Defenders Objectives ? I´ve seen Alderweireld saving Ibrahimovic headers like no one else. It´s in the game. Any gk is good.
  • Keepthechange
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    I've used TOTS Donnarumma for a while and he seemed to have ridiculous reflexes but he will still concede first time shots unless you move him properly.
  • kurbalija
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  • MonTheGers
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    gelson martins according to squad battles
  • Sm0key_J0e
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    Zlatan is really good.
  • Daddy
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    De gea is the most consistent, PIM Lehmann and PIM Schmeichel are also excellent. Havent used Van der sar though
  • EisenErmin
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    I used 86 Europa MOTM Kepa for some games and he was really good. He has the 3 best traits too: "saves with feet", "longthrow" and "comes for crosses"

    I can really recommend him and he is cheap as chips
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