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  • Every year i hope they add creation centre back... I'm getting old. I hope before i die they add it back so i can go in peace.
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    Creation Centre has been one of the most requested features for years since it disappeared and they haven't brought it back. When asked all they have come back with is that "Teams are based around real world leagues".

    Is this a vague way of saying we can't have you taking clubs out for your own created club for some commercial reason?

    The other popular thought is that uploading images and files for graphics from a 3rd party source has led to data file corruption in the past and therefore it is to much trouble for EA support wise.

    The reason it was removed was because it couldnt work in FUT, and making the offline game better. EA cant have that, as it takes players away from FUT and therefore it was removed. Not because of commercial reasons.

    With no CC gamers are turning to modding communities that provide these very same features for Career mode.

    Once a mod is installed through a very long and complicated process, if a gamer goes and plays an online mode the modded version is affected an will no longer work. The gamer would have to reinstall the modded version to be able to play career mode again with their custom team.

    Because of this these gamers very rarely play FUT. That is a community that numbers in the tens of thousands that never enter the FUT casino. If they don't enter the Casino they can't gamble able their money on packs.

    EA are heavily invested in making sure gamers stay engaged in FUT as seen in the DDA patent. They know , much like real life casinos know, that if the gambler is not in the casino then the gambler can't lose their money. It is why they have the free all you can eat buffet. Why risk letting them eat somewhere outside the casino where they may gamble somewhere else.
    EA for the same reason have free daily gifts for logging into the webapp, free rewards for viewing live streams of things, graded rewards for how many days you have logged in since launch of the game.

    Given this, the exclusion of Creation Centre stands out as a massive strategic failure on the part of EA.
  • I have played the private beta and here is what I think they need to put in the game

    In the player career mode they need to to put in the option to ask for a new contract and be able to retire from international duty
    In the player career mode they need to put in the ballion dor and the world club championship and post match interviews in the player career mode like they have done in the manager career mode.
    The game play is good.
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    Every year i hope they add creation centre back... I'm getting old. I hope before i die they add it back so i can go in peace.

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