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Gullit or Ronaldinho First SBC?

Johnny Bravo
1303 posts Professional
I can probably just about afford to do both of these SBC's using some untradables but would rather do one for now and save up a little for the second to make a team round them I'm happier with.

Which generally would people say it is better to do first? Was thinking Gullit as he'll have more of an impact and a big pull from the packs might encourage me to jump straight in and do Ronaldinho anyway. That said, even though I rarely if ever use skill moves Ronaldinho looks more fun.


  • Murphdogz
    1521 posts Play-Off Hero
    I'm thinking the same.but don't think ronaldininho can finesse
  • EisenErmin
    8193 posts League Winner
    Gullit as there is no player in the midfield coming even close to him, while there are lots of great wingers that can compete with Ronaldinho
  • 3MenandaBebe
    3066 posts National Call-Up
    Gullit. Many better options than r10 now
  • IAIK7
    3483 posts National Call-Up
  • Hibee
    12406 posts Has That Special Something
    Gullit of course.
  • Blipper65
    1049 posts Professional
    Murphdogz wrote: »
    I'm thinking the same.but don't think ronaldininho can finesse

    what??!! what??? ronaldinho can't what???!!
    this is a joke mate, right?
  • Bags
    1012 posts Professional
    I have them both and love them both but Gullit really is unique. I would do him
  • Chubz
    3230 posts National Call-Up
    i guess its different, everyone goes on about Gullit. but he seems like a normal midfielder to me. It could be because I have a stacked team, TOTY Messi, Prime R9, PM Henry, TOTY Mbappe etc so i dont really notice Gullit's impact on the attacking, but he does win the ball alot for me.

    Anyways, if this was a choice for me, I would go with Ronaldinho
  • Lizardo
    923 posts Semi-Pro
    edited July 2019

    Edit: I've both and Gullit is by far way better
  • Gorda
    3447 posts National Call-Up
    Gullit is better but Ronaldinho more fun IMO.
  • Delvinho
    1905 posts Play-Off Hero
    Murphdogz wrote: »
    I'm thinking the same.but don't think ronaldininho can finesse

    You clearly haven’t used him
  • starfox1284
    2117 posts Fans' Favourite
    Gullit is the best player on the game....
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