EA do you actually hear us

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Are EA even listening to anything the EA consumer are saying I don’t think they are. Why is it Madden you never hear as much complaining about the game as FIFA. Maybe because they don’t listen or if they do they listen to these youtubers that are in there payroll I’m not turned on by game now and can see through the wool over my eyes now. I don’t no what the game is now is it Just a money maker not a game anymore I don’t no what there trying to do with the game. Is FUT just gonna get 95% of royalties while the other modes get the crumbs it makes no sense to buy a game I don’t enjoy. I don’t like FUT it’s boring the concept is career mode but you buy packs to get players ermmmm only nit wits play it how ever many there are you have all been duped. I’m angry that the game makers have gone this path it’s fine though I just won’t buy this piece of trash game now I have an option PES 2020.


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