Try Lord Begovic The save with the feet legend is still alive.

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Hes been superb for me since i started using him last wl. At 6:6, he keeps saving this long shots and actually saving with his damn 🦶.

U gotta ask yourself if keepers rating actually matters.

Watched fuji use non-rare Areola for many weeks hitting atleast elite 3 all year. He makes saves like any other top rated keepers.

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  • Kennetss
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    I’ll give him a go bud. Got kepa as GK on my alt account and he had 2 games out of 40 where I actually though “what a save”
  • selb
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    There is only 1 Lord in football my friend and it's not Begovic
  • Crysister
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    selb wrote: »
    There is only 1 Lord in football my friend and it's not Begovic


    Thats right, m8. THIS IS THE LORD
  • Gaz41S
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    I went from 95 trapp to neuer to 86 fahrman to normal fahrman and let the same amount of goals in everytime. I literally didnt notice any difference between them.
    However, I now have red pick alisson, who is noticeably better than those guys.
  • bberger
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    If you can fit him in - Butland is my go to GK for my (almost) all blue EFL squad.
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