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Rant Warning!!!
Recently around 60 players just upped and disappeared from my trade pile. No one too important or expensive but obviously this annoyed me somewhat so I contacted EA Help for support in solving my issue.
Now, I know that these are probably nothing more than poorly paid call centre employees, who have little-to-no technical expertise regarding the game, so I set my expectations low. Not low enough it seems.
I have dealt with EA ‘Help’ before and have generally been quite disappointed by the advice and solutions given. But they really plumbed new depths this time;
Not only did the advice given have nothing to do with my problem,
Not only did the agent call me ‘champ’ throughout the conversation,
Not only did he claim to see that the problem was solved but it would take 24 hours for me to be able to see the fix,
BUT, the A hole actually cut me off while I was asking further questions.
Rather than deal with ‘chat’ system again, does anyone have an email or suggestions on a more productive route for resolutions?
Cheers in advance.

Got pissed off with EA help, would like an email contact if you have one.


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