Played better on SB over DR

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I’ve often wondered why I tend to play better on SB at least for Pro/sometimes WC level which I beat them but in DR I always keep lost every matches. If I’m luck to get draw and rare victory. Think I’m badly stinked on DR. I’m in still Div 10 forever. Never get any promotion to D 9. Should I keep buying fifa 20 or time to quit for good? Ciao.


  • MHoney1234
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    Dude it’s late in the game. SB is very different to playing a human. Just play for fun don’t worry about winning too much. What’s your team?
  • wascaps1
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    For now, I use Saint-Etienne for my badges. Usually use as Man United or Barcelona.

    Ok, i try to be have fun but really frustrating when i m unable to achieved WO (Weekly Obljective)
  • wascaps1
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    I didn’t really spend $$ on packs. I think it’s waste money.
  • Chavez76
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    playing a person is indeed a completely different game, there really is no comparison between the 2 .
    if you enjoy it, buy the next, if you do not, dont buy :) Its rather easy
  • rukawai
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    Playing squad battles is more predictable as it is against the computer AI, playing against humans on DR is completely different and unpredictable.

    You can beat AI easily on legendary but will struggle to hit division 1/2
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