Fifa 20 this is the month

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Wondering if the gameplay news is coming soon. Seems to be taking ages mid July is that tomorrow when will it be I no gameplay first and career mode pro clubs and FUT and Volta 😩. But it be nice instead of drip fed just bloody release news Christ been so long want to no whether to purchase or not so frustrating hurry up please😤😤😤😤


  • CaptainRos
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    Of course they will be waiting the late mid of July. Ofc they will set the stupid career mode news on 31th of July tho... get ready to be dissapointed as ****
    72 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Hahah probably I can’t see overhaul news of career mode really or they would’ve said already.
  • p0larh4wk
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    they'll try to sell us the idea that theyve done a someting for career mode when the truth is that they havent done anything at all. hardly even updated the rosters. RIP Career mode
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