Gone mad today on wl!!!!

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From 9-9 yesterday to 10-19 today,, now m an average player, was targeting 14 wins,, but just got banged today

First got annoyed,, then angry,, then helpless,,,, now just laughing with madness


  • joehuk
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    Sadly I've saved my games for today due to being busy Friday and Saturday and now regretting it.

    Currently 5-5 quitting all 5, my opponant quit my 5 wins not managed a full 90mins.

    And no I didn't quit when losing quit at 0-0 due to the state of the game it's far far from.enjoyable.

    Now I can't see myself playing tonight, think I'm done with fifa now.
  • abhreebhu_45
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    I even lost to a team with 9 players,, after my ter stergen let the ball go through his hands n foot (literally through) in 90 n 92 min
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