Number of tackles needed to win the ball

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How many tackle do u have to win before u actually win the ball. This side of the game seems to be getting worse


  • CharlieC
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    The games where the tackles and rebounds are against you are the most frustrating
  • Lkane
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  • MelkorAintGood
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    My opponents need no tackle to get the ball from me.
  • maccag
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    My prime Vieira hasn't won a tackle in the 6 games I've played this morning and was outmuscled by the the likes of Sterling and Lozano along the way.. It's been fun to watch so I'm either going to drop him or change his chem style to see if this helps..
  • Damo_Suzuki
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    In some games i feel privelaged if my player attempts to tackle at all. I can slam it 5 times snd his animation won't change at all from running.
  • GK93
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    I'll tell you when I win one
  • maksi
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    Tackling is another example of suprise mechanics in the game.
  • abhreebhu_45
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    The worse part is that after every tackle, the opponent lunges on the ball,, while in similar situations, my player is found sleeping/touches the ball in the worst way possible
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