Anybody else experiencing 'Stuttering' gameplay?!?

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I've had this since the last patch.

Never experienced it prior to that and all other games black ops 4 and apex legends play absolutely fine.


  • Recoba
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  • Hamzy_LFC
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    Wired mate I've had this set up for year I never play wireless and prior to the last patch it was fine...

    Again as I've mentioned the other games I play online play abso6fine.
  • Recoba
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    The delay now feels different, stuttering like you said.
  • Yiddo666
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    YES I had this yesterday in 3 or 4 games
  • CFCHenri
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    Yes, a bit stuttery thinking I’m losing frames. Fully wired also. In fact the games have become full of unrealistic interceptions both me and my opponent don’t deserve to win, less ball control and prone to losing the ball via auto-tackling, passes are very inaccurate.
  • DanValletta
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    Every now and again I'll get lag/stuttering for 2/3 seconds and then it goes away. Seems to be really random and not that often but only happening since new patch.
  • Brunjes_FC
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    Very laggy now. I think I preferred before!
  • Notformeclive
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    Terrible speed up lag this weekend.
  • Pieman25
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    Same here, it's a real struggle to play it like this.
  • CharlieC
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    No issues for me. Apart from playing teams with low rated players who win every tackle and rebound but we’re used to that now.
  • Mrhey31
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    Yes! And I have never had any problems like this. Been complaining about this, even Made a topic about it a couple if days ago. Ea_andy passed the word to the developers.
  • Bethfinn
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    I had it on Friday. Sat and Sunday was fine
  • JustPassIt
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    It was horrible and stuttering before the patch and even worse efter it for me. And all other games work flawlessly with no lag and plenty of fun gameplay.
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