Fifa 19

posts Ball Boy
This game is disgusting, the worst fifa ever. You break down a whole team and then the goalkeeper makes the most amazing save ever. This game is beyond bad. Just look at the reaction of the cdm on kick off, super rebounds and all kinds of nonesense. Fix the game!


  • Rossi1000
    430 posts Sunday League Hero
    Won’t be any fixing now just testing updates for 20
  • p0larh4wk
    77 posts Park Captain
    fifa 20 will be even worse, mark my words. it's all downhill from here
  • Beakerb
    60 posts Park Captain
    I love how many people still play full price for a roster update, and Game play mechanics that could be implemented as a patch to the current game.
  • Mr_Echo58
    36 posts Last Pick at the Park
    To affect change you have to hit EA hard in their pockets.
    Dont buy fifa20 and share all you tuber vids on social media who feel the same way.
    They dont give a crap about us who invest time and good money in this broken game.
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