Robben removed from Seasons roster

Why does EA need to remove retiring players from Seasons rosters?

Robben was on the FC Bayern roster for the entirety of the 2018/19 season

There should never be a removal of a retiring player from the last game they can be played in

He will not be in the fifa20 roster.

So why the frack after 11 months of this game being put do they feel the need to remove him from the game.

I have used Robben in every seasons and coop seasons game since day 1 of FIFA 19 and

It is absolute horse shiite that he is not removed from the game.


  • Ronaldinho999
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    They did the same with Iniesta when he left barça to go to japan...

    They can only be idiots for doing things like this instead of actually fixing the goddamn game
  • How can I restore the last week squad update? that update had Robben.
  • DarkMac
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    edited August 14
    They removed Robben but not Ribery.... Why? Just because
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