Some people really are desperate. .



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    I noticed most casual players have left the game. Now DR whatever level, all full of God squad elite player who done their weekly objective. I did my Saudi and la liga objective in hard way. I had only one tots gaya and one scream cards abdullahman vs god squad. All I want was one assist and one goal. But every matches I face are way way better player with no intention to do or already done their objective. They are so enjoy spoiling your chances of getting just a goal or assist. Since they love it so much I gave them free score by moving my Gk away when they want to score. Hoping after they scored a lot, they will loosen their defend and let my poor saudi to score and gaya to assist. What scare me was, they actually went on and scored whatever open goals ( more than 7) and enjoy all the celebration and watching all the replay.

    I got it, many so called high skill player they are serious of each match and don't allow free win. But I am pretty sure they all love to screw people who are doing objective. Most of them they pretend they want a proper football game but in fact all they all enjoy scoring even is free goal.

    I ended lossing 7 matches in DR with score of more than 8 goals. Anyway, I don't blame serious gamer but sometime the community is too toxic when this only a game which everyone has different skill lever in grinding for cards.
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    Why did you want to lose?
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    Maybe the guy wanted to actually play the game instead of being bored with a free win.

    To be honest 9/10 people would take a free win over having fun.....

    Yeah I'd take it but if he's the 1 then that sucks for him.

    True to an extent but when you see a bronze team load up as your opponent, and that player then scores and own goal, if I was wanting to play a game I would simply let that game run its course, end it quickly and move on. Not score what ended up being 14 goals and spending 30 mins on the game..

    You’re taking his time up by playing a game that you have no intention of being actively involved in. Whatever he does I’m not sure you’re in a position to criticise him. Most people play a game to actually play?

    Read the above properly .....

    I’ve read it mate and I think you sound a little self entitled and pathetic. Seems general consensus is the same...
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    The irony in this.

    You’ve completely wasted his time starting the match in the first place so you have no right to complain about his antics.

    Lmao why is it ironic? He's got a free win. He wasted his own time by making the game last longer than usual..... Do you require s sandwich to complete your picnic?!

    He got a free win, as if you scoring and own goal was going to do anything if you’ve got a bronze team.

    You are part of the toxic community not the guy you played
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    Mate these people are sad no lifers that obviously come from broken homes.
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