Go to admit this Futties Promo...

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It's actually been pretty good...

It's not in your face promo no 21 man squad etc.
every 2 or 3 days we vote between 3 players and 2 days later the winners are announced and available through SBC apart from Perisic the requirements have been pretty decent like the Lozano and fred... very attainable for the casuals also along with increased pack weights (yes we know its end of the cycle) but pulling pointless UCL Live Farhman 86 becomes usable in SBCs...

Also the weekly SBC this week and last have been great no grind at all very doable including the swap players objectives as well... overall I've enjoyed the futties more than any other promo... its steady not rushing out with players every day and not in your face kinda promo.

If only they did this from the start and listened to the community who knows... along with decent servers and gameplay


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