What should EA improve for FIFA 20?

In my opinion, EA needs to add more stadiums, more leagues, a new filter for UT and career mode (like the futbin filter on https://www.futbin.com/players), better faces on players, fix "beach soccer" and overpowered skills like "la croqueta", improve their servers, create a new game mode in UT (like fut champions) for casual players, improve A LOT career mode (we had no changes in the last 2/3 years), improve pack luck and, finally, ai on player from our teams. What do you think that should be improved too?


  • I SiR MartY I
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    Better gameplay, better servers.

    Don't care about anything else, EA can copy and paste the same menu and features if they want, just get rid of the handholding/inconsistent gameplay and delay and me and EA will be on good terms again.
  • p0larh4wk
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    a proper update on career mode and gameplay. more leagues, more stadiums, more of everything. maybe actually listen to some of the ideas from longterm fans and players? but ea wont do any of it. cause ea sucks.
  • Alex_cr
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    I wouldn’t care if they released exactly the same game as long as I can play it. At the moment I can’t, the servers are so bad. So just that for me.
  • Gromit
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    The game should go back to at least TRYING to make sense. It has a huge database of in game players and it has a chemistry system. Both of these were supposed to govern it's core differential from other football games, the idea of TEAM BUILDING.

    But they pushed bronze and silvers to the side, made non rares pretty much equally as pointless as they continue to flood the game with special card after special card. To some this is great content, but it's just diluted the game down to a more generic and dull game IMO.

    I have no issue with high rated players nor special cards, but if you're a fan of say Leeds Utd or Hull City and you want to use their players, then there's very little platform to do so as you're just gonna get pushed aside by all these overpowered special cards and it's pretty much like this from the 2nd week. There seems very little point in having any league outside the top 4 or 5 main leagues anymore.

    Then you have chemistry which IMO was a great idea that made the game pretty fun, and more puzzle like, but they never punished lack of chem hard enough and then they've made steps to help bypass it with formation changes and icons.

    At it's core FUT is a great football game, but it's been ruined by their greed and laziness.

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