A bit of "artificial" intelligence for FIFA 20 !!! - VAR -

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Dear FIFA Staff of EA SPORTS,
I obviously learned with due caution because the world of news is frighteningly boiling that FIFA 20 will not benefit from the VAR! Too bad, really very disappointing if that fact is confirmed! The first convenient justifications, hardly plausible, credit a meaningless incidence on the game as the system itself controls the articulation of the phases. "It would be - the VAR - an entirely staging without any particular efficacy". This attitude is inconsistent and in contradiction with a refined form aimed at the realism advertised on a global scale of the game. However it is opportune to also consider that part of the declaration that leaves open a hope for the VAR in which it "silently" can appear: as "Alfred Hitchcock did in all his films"! I suggest that within the commentary the speaker refers in the case of an excited and doubtful action that the postponed final decision has been managed and assumed through the VAR! And here is the problem solved! Dear friends, you did not realize that to exclude the VAR becomes an international case !!!And it doesn't end here! I hope you always hear the statements made by the management of EA SPORTS that there are "much more important things to include". I wonder what things to enter if not the priority of obtaining the option of uniforms of the teams that differ; especially that of the goalkeeper compared to the opposing team, with the option of managing the colors of the socks and shorts when the two teams wear the same colors.Always grateful, I await but I hope not a concrete response!With great affection.


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    Reading this reminded me of RDR2. You write like you’re from the past.

    On topic: I’d prefer that VAR was actually present in the game, at least offline in career. For offside the game could apply the wait and see rule, letting the play go on when in doubt and check for offside later, after the player that was trough on goal either scored or missed.
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