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What would you do?

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Currently, in the club I have many SBC players with a high overall, I have more than a million coins, I also have 3 icons that are in my first lineup but I can successfully replace them is
prime Figo---> futties Lozano or TOTS Gnabry,
prime Rijkaard---> Flash Rabiot or Carniball Talisca,
prime Rivaldo----> Nazario, swap in the game ST

I feel pity for these special cards but I could have Nazario

I am currently playing this team:

GK Schmeichel
CB Prime Blanc and Flash D.Luiz
LB-RB TOTS Telles, RTTF M.Alonso - Flash Dani, OTW Cancelo
CM Prime Rijkaard
LM Prime Gaucho
RM Prime Figo
CAM Base Pele and Prime Rivaldo
ST Flash Ibrakadabra

What to do? Please help my :)


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