Best striker upgrade for my team?

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I have about 2.3m available to upgrade my team and think the best option would be to replace Torres as none of my other high rated strikers fit the team. Ideally I would like TOTS Aubameyang but I can’t afford him or if I did I would have no coins left.

I was thinking about getting either TOTS lacazette, 93 Aguero, 92 Aubameyang or possibly an Icon SBC (Eusebio?). If I go for one of the cheaper options then I could maybe also upgrade the left wing to a version of Hazard (95 possibly) or TOTS Mane. What would anyone recommend?

In my current team Werner, Torres, Coman, Vieira, Alexander-Arnold, Suarez, Can, Di Maria, Lala, Alisson, Aubameyang and David Luiz are all untradeable.


  • spy
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    Can anyone help? Another option might be to wait for Futties Rashford
  • Maddez
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    Eusebio mate.
  • WarrenBarton
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    Prime Eusebio or Pim Cruyff
  • spy
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    Started putting together the squads for Eusebio and think I will get this done without spending much using all the high rated untradeables from TOTS, weekly objectives and FUT champs that I don’t use so will probably just have to buy a few lower rated players for the 84,85 and 86 squads. Before I do,it,do you think I would be better off doing Gullit instead or would Eusebio be better for my team?
  • spy
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    I have now got Eusebio done and also did Flashback Firmino. Still have 2.1m left (managed to do both with mostly cards already in my club plus IFs from the 81+ totw SBC) and lots of high rated but unwanted cards in my club.

    What would anyone recommend to upgrade next? I was thinking maybe the left mid (TOTS Mane or'one of the Hazard cards maybe?) or centre back or is there another icon I should do?

    Here’s my current team:



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