Can you play 433(2) without a real CDM?

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What I mean is without High def WRs.

Prem teams suffer here. The only real H def WR players are fernandinho - who doesnt have the stamina until his Tots card, Kanta, and Ndidi.

Fernandinho and Kante are small - and NDidi lacks passing stats really.

I do have Kante, and he seems to be in my assonants box more than my CMs. Eriksen is always standing him for him while he gets forwards.

I really want some height in there - and NDidi has that, but wondering if Fabino and Pogba (as I need two to rotate) are OK. Fab is M/M so probably ok - Pogba H/L..... hum, and his defensive stats arnt great.

Dont know if I should lave alone with Kante and NDidi backing him u - or move to Fab and Pogba.

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