Extra time!?

1 posts Ball Boy
Please, please get rid of the ridiculous extra time and penalties in ultimate team. You have taken all the fun out of fighting to get a draw. Ok first few times it was a novelty, but now it is tedious and annoying. Even in the commentary it is mentioned about making the game a draw and gaining a point to stop your rivals winning the league. There is more excitement in scoring a last minute goal to claim a point and the game ending in a draw. But now you know if you get that last minute goal, you then have to go through extra time and almost inevitably penalties.

You have now made the game so it is impossible to get a draw as a result.

You say it is your intention is to make the game more realistic and then you do something as ridiculous as extra time and penalties in a league game.


  • Stedyon
    62 posts Park Captain
    Completely disagree with this, draws are awful. Much rather have pens or extra time
  • Arron xox
    2816 posts National Call-Up
    If you play rivals you get your draws then other then that I dont see your point with it
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