Ahhh- dont know what to do - help. Prem.

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Only been playing 5 weeks. I tend to rotate for fitness, and use a complete squad. The last week though Ive picked up some fitness cards and gone to 1 team (to try some slightly better players) - I might build up a rotational team again (I need cover for red cards anyway) or not.

I picked up 96 Jaden Sancho a coule of weeks back - and used im as a sub for a while - but this week Ive wedged him in on 8 chem. Great card - poor composure which shows at times - but still hes going better than those I was using.

This weeks rewards gifted my Tots Salah......

So I have 4 options, and I m at a loss as to the best way.

1. Keep with a single team, use Salah on the right, 88 Anderson on the left and use Sancho as a sub.

2. Keep with a single team, use Sancho on the right, Salah on the left (both on 8 chem) and Anderson as sub - switch wings using the tactics.

3. Use a rotational team, with Salah and Sancho as my right payers, Anderson and 88 Willan/Mane as my left.

4. Use a rotational system with Salah left (8chem) with anderson as the rotation, then sancho (8 chem) on the right with 88 Mahrez as the rotational.

8 chem on salah isnt a problem. Hes pretty maxed anyway, and Marksman gives him some ling shots, and strength which are pretty much his only weakness. Sancho also isnt bad on 8 chem either. If his composure was high 70s/low 80s rather than the 70 is is - I woudnt have a problem deciding.

So - which way would you jump on this?


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