Youth scouting improvements

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Would like to see youth scouting within career mode improve, it’s so frustrating that you barely get fullbacks or strikers on your search. It’s also odd that the codes for youth scouting don’t work if you manage a big club in a big league with a Five Star scout it seems really hard to get specific players. Always plenty of Defensive Midfielders but hardly any strikers or useful fullbacks, every time I think oh I got a striker it turns out that he turns into this weak CF with no striker abilities, same applies to fullbacks I’m sorry but 6”5 tall fullbacks are weird. As I say it’s really broken system it needs fixing the countries that are left out of international scouting is odd too. What’s the point of having national teams you can manage if lucky to be given job, then not be able to replenish the smaller national teams like Wales, Hungary, Iceland for Example I just don’t understand what EA are doing but if this insufferable errors are not fixed in FIFA 20 I think it will be very Disappointing. Also sort out Ethnicity of players within youth scouting christ South Africa only youth scouting white players is disgusting, same goes for Colombia, Ecuador, Asian South Korea, Japan, Canada only white players found.I can go on its completely broken I cannot believe the patch released yesterday version 1.16 I think which is ludicrous in all them patches these problems have been totally ignored and FUT gets a repair it’s a Fxxking insult as I say if career mode isn’t repaired and improved I won’t be buying a FUT game I have no interest in the unfair and bias towards FUT over all other modes on FIFA I won’t be moaning next year I just won’t buy it. And for all the people that pre- order the game already you are not helping matters. Same goes for FUT users your feeding the machine and it loves your wallets.
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