CM completely broken since update

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Since todays update both my 8 season career crash at of a random seasonmatch, so I was like whatever this is to be expected. Longest time I've played without a corrupted save. I started a new career, and it crashes as soon as pre-season ends. Completely broke CM. GJ EA. Thanks for making the shittiest part of your game unplayable.


  • Sikk
    1 posts Ball Boy
    I've restarted two CM pro's and cant make it past the first transfer windows. THANK YOU FOR WASTING HOURS UPON HOURS OF MY TIME.
  • The same!!!! Ffs!!!! Played 3 season, my player has the same age....CAM 94, £12800000... absolutely not even 1 transfer approach...requested to be on the transfer list 2 times, no one approached my player?!!! How come, a young 94 CAM rated player not been approached by no one. Fifa sucks since Fifa 14!!!!! Waste of time and money. Lots of my friends were laughing on me as I bought the game every year and they playing PES which is better than FIFA....This year defo will not waste money on FIFA.!!!!!!
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