Is TOTS Ronaldo worth 3.6 mil more than OTW

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I have a stacked team with no room for upgrades other than my gk and my defense which is all nif golds and PIM Maldini.

Should I spend my 8.2 mill on Tots Ronaldo and spend 1.2 on my defense? Or should I get OTW Ronaldo and get the best defense and GK on the game. TOTY Ramos - TOTY Varane - PIM Maldini - TOTS Van Dijk w/ TOTY De Gea


  • Grown93
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    Option 2 ofc
  • johnlaker62
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    Grown93 wrote: »
    Option 2 ofc

    I agree. With 1.2 mil I could still get TOTS Telles - CL Van dijk and TOTS Da Costa. Still go for OTW?
  • OZero
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    In your case should be option 2.

    However if you are able to restructure your team, then I would say you should have a priority as follows:

    Best midfield (e.g. Gullit) > Best Striker (e.g. TOTS Ronaldo) > Defense Line > GK

    Midfield is most important. If you don’t have the best midfield then even you have TOTS Ronaldo you don’t have chance to shoot. On the other hand, if you have the best midfield then you could afford to have a second best defense line and keep on using TOTS Ronaldo.
  • option 1
  • number7rocky
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    99 is only worth it if your team is stacked and can't improve elsewhere. There isn't a 3 mil plus difference between 98 and 99 CR7. I've used both and still get the same return. I had the 98, sold for 99 then got the 98 back so I Could get Tots Mbappe aswell.
  • Hulkmodus
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    If you have 1.2 million for your defense, and allready have pim Maldini...
    Mate get cr99
    Use da Costa rb. You got 900k left.
    If you have fb Luiz, just get ddg in goal and tots telles lb.
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