not buying fifa 20 unless career mode is improved

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career mode sucked more and more, some people dont only care about stories such as alex hunters, some people do not want to play just 3 seasons of story, i for one really like making my dream come true virtually and build my player up from scratch and place him in my favorite team and win trophies with them on the highest dificulty, career mode has tons of miscalculations with the achievement system and many errors that keep ocurring, if career mode is not improved i am not even considering buying fifa 20,even with voltra, whos with me?


  • p0larh4wk
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    as a career mode player i have made a promise to myself not to buy anything from ea until they improve career mode. sadly my guess is, that this this means im never buying an ea game again as the devs obviously don't give a damn about career mode. people say its because they cant make money of it, but thats bull... they could easily make money from career mode by offering additional leagues as a dlc for a low price. you could add lower league from already existing leagues or completely new leagues from new interesting countries... but they just cant be bothered. cause the devs are lazy and ea just doesn't care
  • Pwalie86
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    I need my football fix from time to time. I only play career mode, but it really is lacking at the moment. So many things wrong and not enough right. I do feel I play it less year after year because of that.

    The Journey didn't make them money, but it did in a way as it gravitated more people to play the game. It's hard to market career mode as of right now because it's so flawed and outdated,
  • JohnMoore
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    This NEEDS improving... its too bad, even considering going back to PES but they've gone even more downhill from 2013, but thats the thing there isn't any competition for them in regard to career mode/ML so they don't see a need to improve. But p0larh4wk , great idea I would love something like this to be implemented.
  • TeamExtreme17
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    The problem is it's so far behind if they do decide improve it, it still won't be enough to satisfy me..
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