get the data search engine better

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i like to use research to find any youth talent, or unknown players , then get them into my team( GM mode), however, i didn't remember since which yr EA FIFA, the current world search is so worst, it can be said useless, how to find players, always get " no any players can be search" but many players data isn't followed, get " no further research ".

i use Man utd, and i also brought any players around 80-85, as i like the data of them, however those players usually isn't famous, u find them only from news(then make search yourself) accidentally, or any transfer market news then u get him in search list etc.

EA FIFA have a game called, "EA FIFA manager", so why EA FIFA football didn't get the pro of the search engine from this game?

currently engine / interface have been used more series, at least since FIFA16 or 17, do FIFA20 have the same looks and frustrated players searching engine to us!!!! >:)
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