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Reading a newspaper review isn’t always reliable but the reporter was very complimentary about FIFA 20. He was mostly talking about 1 v 1 within a match practically saying we as players can finally take on an AI defender with skill movement which I’m pleased about he also went on, and said there’s more space and Free Kicks and Pens are more varied now also having taken hints from the variation in MESSI’S Freekicks. I’m pleased to be reading this, then as I continue it says And I no it’s a kinda demo, which I’ve never understood what kinda of level are these reviewers actually play or where the game is in development. That the gameplay had been slowed down entirely from FIFA 19, and I though OMG can it get any slower iam fearful that has EA took getting away from opponents meaning speed and replaced it with you only get away from opponents with skill. So you take someone on then burst away this I did not understand but as with all these reviews until we play we don’t no what to take away from improvements. But the guy reviewing the game did enjoy it he said so there is hope and kinda let slip, that DEMO is gonna be probably 1st of September well I feel a little more encouraged by the news that is positive now cannot wait to play and find out for myself.


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    Hear the same stuff every year yet the game keeps getting worse with each edition, I’ll believe it when I see it.
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    Sure it was the same last year then the first patch arrived then went to ****
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    It'll be the same as every year. Positive feedback to start off then a bunch of people start kicking off because things they abused last year don't work this year so it gets patched. Then all the broken mechanics are found and guides on how to abuse them are brought to the masses by pros and Youtubers.
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    ea pays these guys for good reviews. If you look at the past few releases on metacritic you'll see a huge difference in reviews from "critics/media" and actual users. all the "pro critics" seem to love it and all actual players/gamers hate it. Then if you go on mediums like xbox marketplace for example, where only those who have bought the game can leave a review, it scores even lower. dont believe the media hype, they're all lies. paid promotional lies. ea probably spends more money on these paid review than they do on improving the game every year. it's a shame but it's the world we live in. R.I.P FIFA
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    I wonder how much he was paid to be complimentary.
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