I cant deal with my TV,im done

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I use 40' inches TV and for 14 days,and since like 2 days my eyes just dont see the ball anymore,its blured.
Its right in front of my face im sitting maybe like 1m next to it,and it kills my eyes.
Gonna go to store and get my money back and replace it with 32'.Am i making the right move?


  • Benja190782
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    I tell ya one thing. I got the LG OLED 4K C7 65” inch tv and the Xbox One X.
    -but I play fifa much better on my 32” LED Samsung tv with my normal Xbox One.

    How come.

    2 things.

    TV input lag. and a smaller tv makes you react quicker, because you don’t need to move you head when switching play in-game.
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    Under 40 is best for games
  • Retro_G
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    It takes time to get used to a bigger TV, also make sure you've game mode activated on the TV. I use a 55" OLED, sit about 6 feet away from the TV, my skill rating was between 2100, 2200 on Fifa. I'm platinum rank in Apex Legends.
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