Has everyone left div 1 cos of coman?

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I have matched up to 30million coin teams in 10 games now in div 1 trying to do coman.

I cant catch a break. Hows it in lower divisions guys?


  • Moe_86
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    Will d2 took me almost 20 games , going down then up but to be honest, he worth it.
  • Hahaha I dropped out of Div 2 down to Div 5 after 4 games against super god squad pace abuse mechanic abuse squads.

    Guess what?? They were still hiding in Div 5 haha. This game is hilarious sometimes. Still I got the Coman done and at Div 3 at the moment.
  • Paulopudasso
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    What a grind
  • Paulopudasso
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    I'll be changing my name to coman obj if you see it on xbox first frenchies scores ill quit just to make this god damn thing easier
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