worse div rival lose streak, i just dont get it, advice ?

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Hi there i am not very good and for me i got to div 3 rivals and was happy with myself :) . I then played next day and i have been demoted to div 5 without one win, and it feels like i am still playing same players at a lower level . I just cant win a game, everyone i played has super teams , they can do every skill move, intercept almost every pass i make, although i am now lower level in div it still feels the same , Do my level opposition change as i get relegated or stay the same as the div i was in when it reset . Just never been like this all year , when i get relegated i play people more my level i just do not understand , i was rank 1550 and now just about 1100 , not 1 win and everyone plays like a god lol . Last person i played had 6 icons, and cr7 played like a god and div 5 wtf :)


  • andreens
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    Dude!In this game you could be the best player on the earth,and still find yourself struggling in div 5.Game is not about your skill.It's about to direct your mind and psychology into buying fifa points!
  • MakiTheTomato
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    Don't worry it's not your fault, this game is broken.
  • Hardingmd
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    Don't worry about it. The match ups are all random, so sometimes you play against a god squad and other times against a much poorer squad. Of course, the latter could be an amazing player...so who knows.

    The game isn't just about the elite though, so getting to Div 3 is pretty damn good. I certainly haven't made it! I'm currently in Div 6!
  • Wi1son73
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    It’s not the god squads you got to worry about, it’s these NIF teams that seem to play like god squads...
    This is my new pet hate, NIF gold prem teams playing better than tots/icons teams ...
  • cornbeef
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    This has been the most streaky Fifa I have ever played some days I easily win every game I play other days i cant even get the ball out of my own half. The worst thing is i can tell in the first game if im going to go on a winning streak or a loosing streak.
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