Someone please tell me the basics...

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What do people hold to defend and stick to opponents like glue???

I'm missing something I must be. At the end of a game I've tackled about 5 times and the opponent will have about 18? I can't even get close enough to do it.

I can't turn them on the wing as they turn the moment I do and know where I'm going before I do. They just wait by my player to take the ball on a pass and if I dispossess them and win the ball they can be back on their feet and catch me up and win the ball back!!

I'm back in division 5 now and players here who haven't been beyond 6 can do it even. What the hell are people pressing?? Or what tactic

I'm going mad here....


  • leea12345
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    i made a post above yours very much the same , was in div 3 now five, everyone playing like gods icons and toty players , read everything , tackle me perfect , skill moves all the time , read everything i do . feels like i am playing people higher than div 3 instead of lower now .
  • marktko
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    I don't understand it mate. It's like the game is playing a joke on us. Throw in and goal kicks even I have nowhere to go as they have all my players covered.

    I'll keep trying....
  • Benja190782
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    When “locked on” to your opponent, press and hold the standing tackle or spam the LT/L1 while running next to him. It will pull him back.

    Just dont forget to hold your sprint button down while doing it.

    Also for winning headers push your opponent while tapping LT/L1 and at the same time moving your left stick towards your opponent.

    Remember to do this while the ball is in the air. Which means you start doing it even if you can’t see him on screen. Just after a goal kick for example.
  • Jonboyparker
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    The turning part is pretty simple to explain. At this stage of the game everyone know you will cut inside. It just waiting for you to do it. I always look for you to turn becuase you running down the wing in a straight line is not dangerous.

    If Youre in D5-D3, I imagine people are holding Contain and Jockey. They may also be holding tackle. This is not a good move but if you are predicable I imagine you are running into the opposition a lot which means they will take the ball more than not. The higher you get the less contain is being used and it’s more about cutting passing lanes.

    The game is pretty predictable now. A decent player will have you worked out and then it’s just a matter of who can score the most or who makes the most mistakes.
  • marktko
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    Cheers. I'll give it a go. I'm currently on the most depressing streak ever. About 3 wins in 30 matches. This game is not good for your health
  • Rossi1000
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    If your trying to play actual football your lose nearly every game
    The engine isn’t built for a game of football
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